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How clean is the air in your home?

family.jpgDid you know that many York county homes air ducts look like the left one in the picture below? If your house is more than 10 years old, you should consider having your home’s air ducts cleaned. You can cut down on the mold, bacteria, dust, and other pollutants in your home’s air by hiring us to clean the ducts. You and your furnace will be healthier, too, because it improves your system’s airflow. A clean system equals improved furnace efficiency that translates into using less energy to operate the equipment. And you end up saving money on your energy bills.

Save yourself time and frustration by hiring us to clean your duct work. Don’t waste your time trying to clean your ducts with a vacuum cleaner. Instead, let us use our special abatement equipment, complete with HEPA filters, to clean your entire system.

Before we start cleaning, we’ll inspect your ducts by using a video camera. And if your ducts are clean, we won’t bother getting out our cleaning equipment.

Call us right now, at 717-266-5651, to schedule your duct inspection.

And visit our “Indoor Air Quality” page for more information about making your home air healthier.

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"I want to thank F. F. Kling for outstanding service! when our AC unit failed it was replaced in a timely and professional manor. The overall installation looks great! when we returned from our vacation, other than the new unit, it looked as if none of the service crew had been in the house, they cleaned up well, thanks for a great job!"


"Thank you for the terrific, timely and courteous service, we will recommend your company to our family and friends."